Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Reiki Symbols "Gnosa" video 8/13/19

At Melody Ann’s mobile wellness center, I’m passionate about providing healing and helping people to become healthier and happier though Reiki, Herbalism, Nutrition, Spirit Walk, Tuning Folks and Blessings. As a Medicine Woman I also do smudging, drumming to clear your home or office. As a Reiki master practitioner, I Teach Reiki classes. I also provide IonizeMe foot detox which is very affective in helping to remove toxins. I usually go to my client home or office.

These are some of the things that I do!

Look for short videos on “Reiki Symbols”!

Reiki Symbol Gnosa is used for Connecting one to the Divine. It improves communication, internally and externally, with other people in spoken, written and artistic forms... Gnosa also works on the nervous system to create an greater internal communicator within. 

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