Thursday, May 25, 2017

PDF Pattern Minion bob Earrings Peyote Stitch

Hi all!

It time that I got back to Blogging about my Zen! I just love making patterns and then making the pattern.

Bob the minion is my new idea of having fun. At  Melody Ann's Creation Minion Bob PDF pattern. Peyote stitch or Brick Stitch can bring the Zen to you as well.  When I wear these adorable earrings people always have something fun to say! If you don't understand Peyote stitch that's alright just turn the pattern sideways and now you have brick stitch.  The reason you turn the pattern on it's side is so that when you hand Minion bob to your earring it really looks like Peyote stitch. :).

One of the things people ask me about is how to do Peyote or Brick Stitch.  I think it's time I really stitch showing people how to do this stitch. In the coming Blogs I will be show how to do the different stitching on some of my free patterns. 

Until next time.... if you have questions please email me from contact the seller button at the bottom of my page.

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