Thursday, May 25, 2017

PDF Pattern Minion bob Earrings Peyote Stitch

Hi all!

It time that I got back to Blogging about my Zen! I just love making patterns and then making the pattern.

Bob the minion is my new idea of having fun. At  Melody Ann's Creation Minion Bob PDF pattern. Peyote stitch or Brick Stitch can bring the Zen to you as well.  When I wear these adorable earrings people always have something fun to say! If you don't understand Peyote stitch that's alright just turn the pattern sideways and now you have brick stitch.  The reason you turn the pattern on it's side is so that when you hand Minion bob to your earring it really looks like Peyote stitch. :).

One of the things people ask me about is how to do Peyote or Brick Stitch.  I think it's time I really stitch showing people how to do this stitch. In the coming Blogs I will be show how to do the different stitching on some of my free patterns. 

Until next time.... if you have questions please email me from contact the seller button at the bottom of my page.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

New Items in my Artfire shop!

Hi All!

Come check out my new Items At Artfire Melody Ann's Creations!

I had started adding Seed Bead Patterns and Finished on loom and off loom Beaded Jewelry.

Things have a way changing in Life, it's easier to just go with the flow of things sometimes. I have been working at Craft Warehouse in Hazel Dell, Vancouver WA. I am the Head of the Beading department. Come check out the Seed beads kits we have.  We love to have fun!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Just a little information about myself....

Hi All,

If you need assistance with understanding part of the pattern, please feel free to contact me, I am happy to help! You may keep, give away or sell any items you make from my patterns but I do ask that you don’t share any of my paid patterns.

I have been sewing, crafting for 40 plus years. I learned from my Mother and Grandmother, my Grandmother was a tailor and retired Post Office employee; I've also taken different kinds of classes. Making my own patterns is absolutely fun!  I have been Beading for the last 40 plus years. Making jewelry or beading cloth has always given me joy!  I love making Art with multiple types mediums, I think my favorite type would be either cloth or beads. I love making patterns! Crochet, Beading, Stick Weaving and sewing! I sell my items on Melody Ann's Creations and my personal website Melody Ann's Products.

There are So many things in Wearable Art. Jewelry Bags, Hand Sewed Bags, Quilts, Beading Patterns, Note Pad Cover I love to create!  Clothing that really fits! I really like to see something in my mind and then make it!

I love reading about and looking at Sewing, Beading, Wearable Art in different styles. Once I see it in my mind what I'm going to design, I'm ready to develop a pattern, and make the project!   I see the Beauty in things, this brings so much Joy and Love into my life!

My patterns come in a pdf format that includes a full size Color Chart/graph/pictures (and/or), a Chart/graph/pictures scaled down to print on one page, a black and white word chart and basic instructions. So whether you prefer to work from a graph or hate the counting and like it written out, these pattern has both.

Patterns also has a page that gives additional measurements and materials requirements.

I am happy to take requests for any graphs that you would like to see listed but I cannot sell copyrighted images.

Come back and see what new and happening!

Friday, March 4, 2016

My ArtFire store Melody Ann's Creations is open for Business

Melody Ann's Creations  on ArtFire

Hi All, I am open for business on ArtFire… I feel wonder that things are going again. Here are some Beautiful PDF patterns for Dish Cloths and/or Block for Blankets. My Little Train Dish Cloth and/or Block for Blankets is done in 3 colors. For those of you that do not know Reiki, I have a Sei-Hei-Ki Dish Cloth and/or Block for Blankets done in a Dark Pink, and I have a Cho-Ku-Rei Dish Cloth and/or Block for Blankets done in a Medium Purple.   

Also I have a Red Awareness Scarf infused with Reiki for sale. There is more to come!

Explore more items by MelodyAnnsCreations on

Thursday, March 3, 2016

This is a work in Progress... My Little Train Baby Blanket

I'm new to Ravlery and I have started a project.... I love to design and my thoughts are to come up with a baby blanket with Hearts and Little trains.... 

So first, I designed a block with the Little train....

Then came the 3 little railcars.

Now came the Hearts...

So the next step was sewing My little chain together...

I'll be back for part two of the heart development! 3/3/2016


The next step was to develop the charts/graph for the Middle section of the Blanket.

Here is the graph for the top section of the graph for the Baby Blanket. I'll be doing this in single crochet with a puff stitch for the hearts.

Here is the graph for the Bottom section of the graph for the Baby Blanket. I'll be doing this in single crochet with a puff stitch for the hearts.

I was having trouble with the top and bottom corners, until I decided to add this....

This will be the top corner border... :) It will fit into the corner of the middle sections!

More to come!